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(El Pais) A court allows the 'Open Arms' to enter Italian waters

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2019

A court allows the 'Open Arms' to enter Italian waters

The ship sets sail for Lampedusa Island after 13 days offshore without the certainty of landing.

Some of those rescued by the 'Open Arms' receive psychological assistance.rn rn rn Some of those rescued by the 'Open Arms' receive psychological assistance. FRANCISCO GENTICO OPEN ARMS
An Italian court on Wednesday lifted the ban on entry into Italian territorial waters imposed on the Spanish Open Arms to "allow the relief of people on board." The court argues that the danger of the 147 people left on deck requires a response without delay. The ship has been waiting for a safe harbor for 14 days to disembark.

This is a precautionary measure adopted by the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio that justifies its decision in "the situation of exceptional gravity and urgency" that is lived on the ship. The brief defends the need to "provide immediate assistance to the most needy rescued persons", but does not imply explicit permission to enter the port. After receiving this news, early Wednesday afternoon, the Proactiva Open Arms NGO set sail for the island of Lampedusa with the anticipation of entering Italian territorial waters at 7.00 on Thursday. The approach, 12 nautical miles from the coast, is, at least, a balm to face the waves of more than two meters that stirred the huge ship throughout the day on Wednesday.

At the same time as the march was underway, the NGO requested the Maritime Coordination Center of Rome - and that of Malta - the urgent landing of all those rescued for medical reasons, especially for the psychological state of the migrants.

The Italian minister Matteo Salvini, in full pre-campaign for taking over the Government at the head of the Northern League, maintains his pulse and insisted on Wednesday in his refusal to accept the ship. "I will never be an accomplice of people traffickers," he said. “We live in a country where a lawyer from the Administrative Court [of the Region] of Lazio wants to give permission to disembark in Italy to a foreign ship full of migrants. I will re-sign my refusal in the next few hours, ”the League leader said in statements made by La Repubblica.

The Interior Minister also announced on his Twitter account an urgent appeal to the State Council and the signing of a new entry ban.

The court responds to the appeal that the NGO Proactiva Open Arms filed when on August 1, after the first rescue, the ship received a letter prohibiting entry into territorial waters. The veto, signed by the Italian Ministries of Interior, Defense and Transport, threatened the ship with a fine of up to 50,000 euros based on the decree promoted by Salvini, with which it intends to further hinder the rescue activities of NGOs. That decree became law on August 5 and raised fines against the captains of ships disobeying their orders up to one million euros.

Un tribunal permite al 'Open Arms' entrar en aguas italianas | España ...

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