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No ICC for Bashir | Modi's challenges

Posted by: The Conversation Global

Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Editor's note

Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir has been dodging the International Criminal Court since July 2008 when a warrant for his arrest was first issued. Even though the fallen strongman stands accused of crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes in Darfur, Yousif Mansour Ahmed Abdalla AlZarouni writes that Sudan is not likely to hand al-Bashir over to the international court any time soon.

Elsewhere, incumbent Narendra Modi won India’s recently concluded election by a sizeable margin, partially on the back of his reputation for keeping the country secure. But the self-styled “watchman’s” previous term as prime minister was a mixed bag when it came to dealing with national security – and some major challenges lie ahead. Ian Hall assesses the biggest risks.

Matt Warren

Deputy Editor

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Sudan’s former president, Omar al-Bashir. EPA Images

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Yousif Mansour Ahmed Abdalla AlZarouni, Brunel University London

The African Union and its member states are creating their own interpretation of immunity which will protect its heads of state from courts abroad.

He’s won again: Narendra Modi. EPA Images

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Despite branding himself India's 'watchman', Modi has a mixed record when it comes to keeping India secure.

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