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[TIME MAGAZINE, NOVEMBER 2, 2022] THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT AMERICA'S HISTORY OF VIOLENCE - BY JEREMI SURI [NOTE: IF YOU COULD NOT READ THE FULL ARTICLE YOU CAN CREATE A "FREE DIGITAL ACCOUNT" TO READ IT. HERE ARE THE STEPS TO CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT: (1) Go to (2) Click the "Sign In" button on the homepage. (3) Click "Create one" to the right of "Don't have an account?" (4) Enter your preferred email and password. (5) Click "Create Account"]

Posted by: sam abrams

Date: Sunday, 06 November 2022

ደሴት ናኹራ - ጉዕዞ ካብ ራስ ዱሜራ ክሳብ ራስ ቄሳር - ደሴታትን ገማግም ባሕርን ሃገርና - 5ይ ክፋል - ERi-TV