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Is the top level at CIA pro-totalitarian?

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Date: Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Is the top level at CIA pro-totalitarian?

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

According to RFK Jr., the former Director of CIA, Mike Pompeo, told him that it is — said “The entire upper echelon of that Agency [CIA] is made up of individuals who do not believe in the democratic institutions of the United States of America.”

At 58:40 in the 1:21:02-long interview of RFK Jr. by Tucker Carlson on August 14th, RFK Jr. quotes Pompeo as having told him this before they dinnered together recently — and RFK Jr. said that’s a quote, Pompeo’s words, not his.

The phrase “the entire upper echelon” refers to 100% of the CIA’s decision-makers. Obviously, if this is actually the case, then the U.S. Government itself cannot possibly be a democracy — it’s a police-state.

Elsewhere in the interview, RFK Jr. summarizes the evidence — some of which has been released only within recent years — which documents that the CIA worked with the Mafia to get JFK assassinated, and he says that the top person behind his uncle’s assassination was the former CIA Director, Allen Dulles, whom President JFK had fired but who actually ran the Warren Commission which produced the “single-bullet theory,” which presents that assassination as having been done by no conspiracy but instead by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The interview started with Carlson asking his guest “I notice that when you showed up, you’ve been on the road for four weeks, you had no Secret Service [protection] with you, which is a little weird given that your father was murdered while running for President as you now are. Why wouldn’t you have Secret Service protection?”

RFK Jr. answered: “We did a tweet on that which got 30 million views when we got rejected [by Biden]. We applied in May for Secret Service protection. … The law says that you’re entitled to Secret Service protection automatically a hundred days out [from announcing one’s candidacy for the U.S. Presidency if “you have 15% polling results” which he did and does]. But the President also has discretion. … I get a lot of death-threats. … I assumed the President would give it to me. … The Secret Service were very encouraging. … But then they went dark. … And for 88 days we didn’t hear from them. Then I got the letter from … the Director of DHS [Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas] saying that “We’ve determined that you don’t need Secret Service protection." … We were not able to find a single U.S. Presidential candidate who had requested protection from the President and was not given protection. … I am the single outlier that we could find on this. … ”

Carlson: “Why do you think that is?”

RFK Jr.: “I think the DNC [the Biden campaign] is playing hardball. … They know that I am going to have to have some kind of security service. And that would typically cost me … between $100,000 and $200,000 a month. … So I think they feel like they can bleed me white by making sure that I’m not spending that money on advertising, organization …”

The entire 81-minute interview gets even more interesting as it goes along, and provides something that every American, regardless of Party, really ought to have an opportunity to consider: a demythologization of today’s U.S. Government. RFK Jr. also is asked and answers there what he would do to rectify this if he becomes President. All of his answers go into far more depth (even including on the President’s refusal to provide to him the normal taxpayer-funded physical protection of him that starts out the interview) than one encounters from other Presidential candidates. (In fact, I’ve never known of any other U.S. Presidential candidate who is even nearly as complete in his answers, and in his policy-viewpoints and the documentation behind them, at any stage in a Presidential campaign, but especially not at so early a stage as this.)

Also: the media have been remarkably hostile toward him, and search engines such as Google, and other research-tools on the internet, are stunningly suppressing his campaign. Almost only Republican Party media have agreed to interview him, and this means that the vast majority of Democratic Party voters get to know about him little more than the caricatures of him and his views, that the Democratic Party’s media spread against him.

Furthermore, some of the Republican Party media are likewise rabid against him. 

Even at the very beginning of his campaign, the British newspaper Daily Mail — which has a large Republican Party audience in the U.S. — headlined against him on 18 April 2023

EXCLUSIVE: 'Too much baggage.' How Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s history of drug addiction, womanizing and self-described 'lust demons' makes his run for president a long shot - as even his own powerful family is unlikely to support him, source claims

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent anti-vaxxer and son of RFK, is officially challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination

Insiders say he has too much baggage to have a realistic chance of winning due to his history with drugs, womanizing and 'lust demons'

'Bobby Kennedy is a long shot at ever winning any election, let alone the presidency,' a source tells

Their ‘news’-reporter had previously written for America’s The Enquirer scandal-sheet and written a hostile gossip-filled biography against RFK Jr. 

That reporter’s Daily Mail article ends as follows:

As a close Kennedy family source told me after RFK Jr's surprise announcement to run: 'I've known Bobby for years and it's clear that he lacks the charisma, the personality and the youth of JFK and RFK that had made them so popular and so electable.

'Plus, and I love the guy, he sometimes seems a bit off the wall. Sadly, Bobby's way over the hill and out of his depth.'

But the lack of personal charm is the least of the problems facing the leader of the third generation of America's so-called royal family as he heads for the campaign trail.

Robert Kennedy goes on wild conspiracy theory rant at anti-vaxx rally [23 January 2023 in Washington DC, before his campaign started]

Watch the full video [less than three minutes long]

Whereas the hostile media focus upon his person, the (vastly fewer and generally less mainstream) supportive media focus upon his documentation and his policy-proposals. The difference is stark, and suggests that the hostile media want to avoid discussing with him his documentation and his policy-proposals; they want to win Joe Biden’s renomination without needing to get into those matters.

Perhaps the CIA already has plans for what to do if RFK does become the Democratic Party’s nominee.


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