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How Astoundingly Deceived America’s Leading ‘Journalists’ Are

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Date: Saturday, 13 January 2024

How Astoundingly Deceived America’s Leading ‘Journalists’ Are

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

One of the most respected ‘journalists’ in America is Scott Simon, who is the program host on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Saturday broadcasts.

On the Saturday morning of 13 January 2024, Mr. Simon interviewed an East German about the Holocaust, and he said to her (at 6:22 in that segment’s podcast) “East Germans didn’t learn about the Holocaust the way that West Germans did — would that be fair to say?” The respondent answered only “No, I don’t agree. … Nothing was kept from us” about that matter. 

What she said about East Germany (which was the part of Germany that the Soviet Union controlled) was true, and she was speaking only to that question. Simon’s statement to her had concerned both West Germany and East Germany, and he made clear his assumption that the more pro-nazi part of Germany after WW II was the East and NOT the West. But actually, his assumption was the exact OPPOSITE of the reality. For example: in 1965, the East German Government published (in English, so that U.S.-and-allied publics would be able to read it — which those regimes blocked from happening) the 462-page BROWN BOOK War and Nazi Criminals in West Germany. It covered West Germany’s Nazi war-criminals in the West German “State, Economy, Administration, Army, Justice, and Science.” The U.S.-installed Government, West Germany, was full of them. No such book was published by West Germany against East Germany, because the Soviet Union was authentically anti-nazi (against the supremacist racist imperialistic IDEOLOGY of nazism, and so was meticulous to PREVENT any of Hitler’s followers into any leading position anywhere in the areas under Soviet control. In fact: Whereas the U.S. and its allies welcomed Nazis into leadership positions, the Soviet Union tracked, searched for, and (where possible) killed them

Lots was kept from West Germans about this matter, and many of West Germany’s leading conservative (CSU&CDU) politicians such as Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl, were participating in this hiding-of-truth and helping to keep their regime’s anti-Soviet nazism secret from the voters in West Germany’s ‘democracy’.

On 14 May 2014, Germany’s Spiegel news magazine published in English (now, this long after WW II), “Newly discovered documents show that in the years after World War II, former members of the Nazi Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS formed a secret army to protect the country from the Soviets. The illegal project could have sparked a major scandal at the time.” They reported this as-if its only aim had been against the Soviet Union, and as-if its only participants had been the German military; and they likewise conspicuously failed to note that this nazism had pertained ONLY to the West German Government and NOT to the East German one. In other words: they hid that reality, so as to continue U.S.-and-allied ‘journalists’ being (like Scott Simon) believers in (and transmitters of) lies by the U.S. regime. 

Here are excerpts from that Spiegel article, including within brackets (“[ ]”) from me, supplementary information — along with my links to the documentation — that Spiegel failed to note but instead hid from their readers:

According to the papers, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer didn't find out about the existence of the paramilitary group until 1951, at which point he evidently did not decide to break it up.

In the event of a war, the documents claimed, the secret army would include 40,000 fighters. The involvement of leading figures in Germany's future armed forces, the Bundeswehr, are an indication of just how serious the undertaking was likely to have been.

Among its most important actors was Albert Schnez. Schnez was born in 1911 and served as a colonel in World War II before ascending the ranks of the Bundeswehr, which was founded in 1955. By the end of the 1950s he was part of the entourage of then Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss (CDU) and later served the German army chief under Chancellor Willy Brandt and Defense Minister Helmut Schmidt (both of the SPD).

Statements by Schnez quoted in the documents suggest that the project to build a clandestine army was also supported by Hans Speidel -- who would become the NATO Supreme Commander of the Allied Army in Central Europe in 1957 -- and Adolf Heusinger, the first inspector general of the Bundeswehr. …

Fears of Attack from the East

But their debates always returned to the same question: What should be done if the Russians or their Eastern European allies invade? West Germany was still without an army at the time, and the Americans had removed many of their GIs from Europe in 1945.

At first, Schnez' group considered allowing themselves to be defeated and then leading partisan warfare from behind the lines, before relocating somewhere outside of Germany. In the event of a sudden attack from the East, an employee with the Gehlen Organization would later write, Schnez wanted to withdraw his troops and bring them to safety outside of Germany. They would then wage the battle to free Germany from abroad.

To prepare a response to the potential threat, Schnez, the son of a Swabian government official, sought to found an army. Even though it violated Allied law -- military or "military-like" organizations were banned, and those who contravened the rules risked life in prison -- it quickly became very popular.

The army began to take shape starting at the latest in 1950. Schnez recruited donations from businesspeople and like-minded former officers, contacted veterans groups of other divisions, asked transport companies which vehicles they could provide in the worst-case scenario and worked on an emergency plan. …

Most of the members of the secret reserve lived in southern Germany [Bavaria, home of West Germany’s leading political Party, the [[Roman Catholic]] Christian Social Union Party [[led by the Catholic Franz Josef Strauss]], which Party ruled Germany along with the [[Protestant]] Christian Democratic Union Party [led by the Catholic Konrad Adenauer]; Hitler, likewise, had been born and died as a Catholic, and America’s President Truman chose to continue that far-right Catholic control over what became West Germany]. [Truman favored Catholics to control Germany and also cooperated fully with the Vatican in whipping up anti-Communist sentiment in America, and he won his close 1948 Presidential campaign largely because of heavy support from the Vatican’s chief U.S. agent in America, Cardinal Spellman. (See pp. 229-231 of that book.) Truman, Spellman, and the Pope, worked as a team; and this also is why both the U.S. Government and the Vatican protected and cooperated with anti-Soviet Nazi leaders, via the Vatican’s “rat lines” and America’s Operation Gladio and Operation Paperclip — both set up by Truman — so as to build after WW II a U.S. and Nazi team to conquer the Soviet Union so that the U.S. Government would ultimately conquer the entire world.]


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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